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TBDI is a great blessing to me.  My place of service is the nursing home ministry, and often the TBDI sermon assignments are what I preach at the nursing home.
It is a great advantage to be able to stop an audio file if I’m interrupted and return to pick it up at the same place a few hours later.
The courses have helped my witnessing by supplying verses to refute Calvinism and baptismal regeneration, and other false beliefs.  Also, much of the studying I’d done on my own is now coming together in a more organized way.
Many years ago I attended a well-known Bible Institute.  I did well, but left after completing the first year because they had problems with  believing the KJV.  In one semester at TBDI, I learned more Bible, more about dealing with false beliefs, and have a much better grasp of how to help my pastor, than I’d learned in an entire school year going to classes on campus at the other place.
God has blessed and encouraged me greatly, and I am thankful.
Br. Paul
Psalm 138:8
Duey, Paul (TBDI)




“My name is Tony Miller and I have been pastoring for over 10 years. I am currently in my second year of studies with The Bible Doctrine Institute. The Bible Doctrine Institute has been a great help to me in many ways. They have helped guide me to better construct my sermon outlines, provoked me to memorize more of the scriptures, and I believe I have been given a deeper understanding of the Bible and of rightly dividing the word of truth. I also appreciate the level of encouragement I get from the instructors. I don’t know of many Bible colleges I would recommend today, but I would certainly recommend The Bible Doctrine Institute for pastors and for those that desire to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Tony MillerPr 8:11 For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.

The Bible Doctrine institute has challenged me much, stretched me greatly, and I couldn’t thank the LORD enough for the blessing it has been in my personal walk, in my personal work with others, and my public ministry GETTING OUT THERE!!! When taking the time to study, my confidence in that KJV multiplied, my trust in the LORD increased and by following 2Tim 2:15 I am pleasing the LORD. I needed to choose a correspondence course allowing me to continue pastoring a small local church in Southern California, and as a result souls are being saved, and Christians are growing more in love with Jesus Christ. I would seriously consider for yourself, T.B.D.I because you don’t have to skip’ town to learn the Bible, and now you have no more excuses. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You need to learn the Bible for yourself, DO IT NOW!






“My time studying at TBDI has been a great challenge, but also a great blessing.  The coursework has pushed me to become much more focused on the importance of “every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).  The content of each class was full of both doctrinal and practical application and the instructors, though diverse in style, are all excellent Bible teachers and expositors.  I would place the Bible instruction available at TBDI far above that of mainstream theological seminaries.  Additionally, TBDI truly honors the pure words of God found only in the King James Bible.”
Thank you,
Micah Rockwell
Rockwell, Micah (TBDI)




TBDI is not easy, I started it in my second year of marriage, and in my second year of TBDI had our first child. It was tuff, sometimes I sit back and wonder if all I’ve attained thus far is worth it, and somehow that answer is not one seen through the eyes of the flesh, but far more through the discernment of the spirit. With any great journey, there must come trial, toil and hardship, yet upon the mountain top lies a view that not many have seen or will have the opportunity to see. I’m not on the mountain top yet (still in 3rd year), but I am starting to get a glimpse of that view.

What has TBDI done for me?
(a) The Lectures & Bible Teaching – have strengthened my beliefs, as well as tested some of them; yet clearly giving me a confidence in being able to teach, preach and mentor others.
(b) The Preparation of the Sermons – allowed me to understand what it feels like for a Pastor to preach on a weekly basis, the pressure of having to teach all facets of the bible, to have food fresh and wholesome, digestible for church members. I cannot emphasise how valuable a process this has been!
(c) Dr. David Peacock marking my outlines – wow! What a privilege and such encouragement. I may not know Dr. Peacock personally enough to call us friends, but it sure felt like it. Every response and mark he gave, however good or bad was encouraging, admonishing and right on the money. I’m so thankful and so blessed – Lord willing if I be called to Pastor a church, I’m a better vessel (in preaching) through his aid in Christ our Lord.
What has TBDI done for me, it’s moulded a MAN! PRAISE GOD!!!!
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